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Calls To (ADA) Action

We Need Your Help! Call Your ADA House of Delegates Representatives Today and Urge Them to Vote

AGAINST the ADA's Proposed Guidelines for the Use of Sedation and General Anesthesia by Dentists

There is no time to waste. Please begin making calls today. If you have more than one doctor in your office, ask each doctor to phone your district House of Delegates members. If you can't reach them live, then leave a message with a team member or on their voice mail. They must hear from us - in force - immediately! 

The future of sedation dentistry is in your hands.  For the safety and comfort of your patients, don't delay.

At this year's ADA Convention in Washington, DC, House of Delegates members will vote on newly proposed guidelines (ADA Resolution #77) that will determine the future - and viability - of moderate enteral sedation as a treatment method for use by general dentists.

The recommendations up for a vote are seriously flawed and, if passed by the House of Delegates, will damage both the dental profession and the health of the public.  

Many House of Delegates members are unaware of the controversy surrounding the proposed changes. We need to reach out to them, in force, and voice our concerns. We urge you to call your ADA district representatives and encourage them to vote AGAINST Resolution #77. There is no time to wait.  District caucuses begin soon and the ADA convention, to be held November 5-10, is just around the corner.

Three Simple Steps:

  1. Look up your House of Delegates representatives here in our TEAM 1500 directory (or your own local membership directory)

  2. Phone the Delegates and express your strong opposition to the proposed guidelines (View our Briefing here)

  3. Email us at to let us know who you contacted